TransScot Removals is a family-owned moving company, established in 2015 in Glasgow, Scotland. We specialise in professional removal services. Whether you are moving across-town or across country or you are relocating your business and employees, TransScot Removals will create a stress free moving experience for you. At TransScot we understand that relocations are more than just moving things, They are new beginnings. The reason can be great success, different needs or a difficult time, but the result is always one – a change. And changes are stressful and overwhelming. It is not surprising that moving house is widely recognise as one of the most stressful life events. Regardless of how organised you are, the process always seems to be chaotic, engaging, time-consuming and nerve wracking. At TransScot we can change that and give you the best possible moving experience.

“Take the load off your mind”

We have the experience and knowledge to ensure efficient, trouble-free moving. We are experts with a proven track record of friendly, professional and timely moving service. Every day our teams work hard to ensure the highest possible standard of service. We cover all aspects of the removal service – packing, moving and on-site storage for residential, commercial and office moves throughout Glasgow area and nationwide.



Deliveries - 3500+ over 5 years of experience
On-time deliveries - 98%
House Moves - 463 over 5 years of experience
Consultancy project - 48 over 5 years of experience
Corporate Relocations - 28 over 5 years of experience
7 Specialists


TransScot started as a man with a van service back in 2013. The idea came from a student who was doing his master degree in Supply Chain and Logistics. During this time, he had research project of the Removals Industry in Scotland. During that time, he was captured by the industry and the idea of being part of it. After he was working as man with a van to fill in the gaps of his personal budget he was able to see the potential, to understand the processes, and to see the gaps that could be improved in the removals sector. In 2015 his team was joined by two of his close friends. After dedicating more time to the business, operating with excellence, never compromising on customer satisfaction, managing to build loyal customers they have managed to grow the business. In 2019 the business is registered as a limited company but it keeps its individual approach towards the needs of every single of our customers. Yes, we are a bigger team now but every each of us is embraced in the corporate culture, we work with passion for excellence and our unique customer approach provide the highest possible standard of service. Everyone who is part of the TransScot family has the clear thought that our customers go through very stressful moment of their life. They have undertaken a huge step to make a change in their lives. Therefore, our goal is to help them by making the whole process of their move stress free, without any obstacles and with the utmost friendly attitude.


“TransScot is not only the company I work for but also part of my family. We are a team that work as one. This is way when it comes to our corporate values I can only say that integrity, respect, professionalism and quality are just small part of what we really believe in. We also care and listen to our customers. The personal approach is what matters, building this trust bridge between us and our customers is the most challenging job in our day to day routine.”

Georgi Aleksiev

Supply Chain and Operations Management, MSc / Entrepreneur / TransScot Ltd. Founder
House Moves



Providing the best quality of service is the most important of our key corporate values. Our excellent service gives the edge over our competitors.


In our daily activities we always demonstrate high respect for our customers, co-workers, community, partners and regulators.


We strive to achieve excellence by conducting our work with the highest  expertise and professional competence.


We truly believe that honesty and trustworthiness are the foundation of long-term and healthy relationship with our customers, employees and society.


Removals Team TransScot Leda

Leda Todorova-Aleksieva

Operations Manager & Co-Founder

Leda brings to TransScot Ltd. 15 years of experience in supply chain and business operations. Her past experience is supply chain and operational leadership positions within fast paced industries like automotive and food industries. With her Project Management qualification and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt she is largely involved in the consulting part of our business. Leda holds a Master degree in Financial and Business Management from Kingston University London.

Transscot Removals Director CEO

Georgi Aleksiev

Director and CEO

Georgi is the founder and CEO of TransScot Ltd, which he started in 2013 during his student years. At the early years of the business Georgi acted as the soul remover, promoter and customer service representative for the entire company. Now in addition to running the business and setting the overall business strategy. He remains actively involved in all departments of the company including logistics consulting, finance, customer service and operations. Georgi holds a Master degree in Supply Chain and Operations Management from the University of Strathclyde.

Iliya Simeonov

Senior Mover

TransScot Removals gave me the chance to prove myself in an industry that I did not have the experience in. I started working for TransScot just over a year ago and I managed to become a senior removal specialist.

Removals Team Transscot Teo

Teo D

Move Manager

“I love my job as a Move Manager at TransScot. I have learnt how to be a valuable team member, to provide top quality and always show integrity towards what I do.

Removals Team TransScot Mike

Mike P.

Removal Manager

“The most fascinating and challenging part of my job as move manager at TransScot is to get deep understanding of our customers and then translate their needs to my team to ensure well planned and organised job and of course best possible moving experience for everyone who trusted us.”

Kate Whitley
Returning Customer

This is my third time I have used TransScot services. I have to admit that they are the best removal company that I have ever used. Exceptional customer service, 100% satisfaction. All my items arrived on-time and in perfect condition. Their staff is so professional and I want to say personal thank you to Emma who made all this so easy and pleasant. I definitely recommend TrnasScot to all my friends and family.

Victoria Hodson
First-time Customer

I am so happy that found TransScot and they handled my removal. I look after my kids while my husband works away in an oil platform. After I had a house survey and the surveyor explained to me all the options I picked their A to Z service and I have only one word for it WOW. I am so impressed. Everything was so professional and they have eased my stress. The whole experience was amazing. I had my own move manager, they packed everything in my property and unpacked everything in my new property. Everything was dealt professionally and i did not have to lift a finger. I moved from 3 semi-detached to 4 bed detached house. I recommend them to all my friends and family. Their A to Z experience is out of this world. It makes your life so easy. Literally you give them all the requirements and when the day comes you do not even have to unpack your cutleries. One big Thank You again TransScot.
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David Gray
Regular Customer

I use TransScot on regular basis. I have small furniture business and when the season hits i use their services to deliver my unique furniture to my customers. I have been using them for over 2 years now and all i can say is that their professionalism and punctuality is incredible. I recommend them to anyone. 

Laura L
First-Time Customer

Thank you so much guys. You really helped keep today stress free and don’t know how much we’d not have managed without you. 

Christopher Lavelle
Returning Customer

George and the team at TransScot were excellent. Emma was quick to reply, provided a professional service in regards to the admin. George and his work mate were quick, professional and friendly. They were also very competitively priced.
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Sara Adams
First-Time Customer

I used George to relocate my small cleaning business. He quoted me 3 times cheaper than the other companies that i had asked for quotes. His guys did a great job with the packing and transport of all the materials and equipment, nothing lost and nothing broken. Highly recommend.

Johnathan D’Silva
First-Time Customer

Super impressed! Moved my stuff from Glasgow to London without any hassle. Very punctual, trustworthy and reliable! I didn’t beed ti lift a finger! They also assembled my furniture for me. Worth every penny!

Hristo Todorov
Regular Customer

I recently used TransScot again and must say they are amazing guys, absolute 5 star service. I was moving my furniture from my old house in Glasgow to a new one in Aberdeen and they did everything for me. From packing to loading, transport and unloading. They even went the extra mile and managed to assemble my bed in the new house. I highly recommend them!

Ross C
Returning Customer

Brilliant service! Thanks and all the best!

Gerry and Lisa
Regular Customer

Absolutely brilliant service, it was a quick, efficient, well planned and a friendly service. I will definitely use TransScot Removals in the future and recommend them to anyone for a removal. Thanks again.

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